Directors Message




Health care has been the utmost important factor of mankind, and will always continue to be till life exists around the globe.

The basic requirement of any individual is to get a primary and basic health facility in a minimum period

We always aimed to bring all the Medical Facilities required for people under One –Roof.

With this vision, a baby was born under the name of SURYA DIAGNOSTICS CENTER

At SURYA, we have highly advanced state-of-the-art facilities like Advanced 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Ray, 3D/4D Sonography, and all other types of sonographies, obstetrics /Pregnancy sonography, anomaly scan, NT Scan, 2D Echo, Path Lab, ECG, TMT, BMD, etc.

We have a team of expert and qualified RadiologistsDoctors, skilled Technicians, and Pathologists at Surya Diagnostics.

We ensure the most reliable and timely reports in advanced labs which would help the Doctors and Patients to move ahead on the right path to Diagnosis.

We are glad to have served more than 50,000 patients to date. We will strive much harder to achieve our goal to give every individual access to high-quality diagnosis.

We would like to thank our team and staff at SURYA DIAGNOSTICS CENTER, who continuously support us throughout our journey in building the goodwill and reputation of the center.