• Growth Scan refers to the scan done to check the growth of the baby. It is done in the Third(last) trimester which is between the 28th to 32nd week of the pregnancy.
  • Growth Scan is a standard scanning procedure carried out to check the growth and development of the baby.
  • During the growth scan, the radiologists check various things in the baby like the size of the baby’s head, blood flow, the position of the baby in the placenta, etc.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to perform the same.
  • Along with Growth Scan, Doctors recommend the BPP test.
  • BPP refers to the biophysical profile. It helps to know the health of the baby.
  • Functions like muscle tone, movement, heart rate, and breathing are checked.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to perform the same.
  • Both the above tests are Growth Scan+BPP are safe for the pregnant lady the and baby is safe.